Puzzle#93: Delimited Kropki Sudoku


RULES: Place the digits 1-9 into each row, column and boldly marked area so that they all contain each digit once. Additionally, Kropki dots are placed in the grid. Kropki rules are applied only along the grey line (orthogonally or diagonally).
Kropki Rules : Adjacent cells containing digits whose difference is 1 are marked with a white circle. Adjacent cells containing digits whose ratio is 2 are marked with Black circle. Adjacent cells containing digits 1 and 2 may be marked by white or black circle. Adjacent cells with no marking must not contain digits whose difference is 1 or whose ratio is 2.


  1. Brilliant creations.I think arguably the best of the Sudokus in this blog.
    stopped my timer after I broke it the first time and this went on for a total of 4 times .Though I knew that the kropki rules was applicable only on the lines, for some reason I kept on using vice versa rule of kropki for digits not on the line...That totally messed my solve. Hope I don't make the same mistake in the contest.

    1. when I was creating I also did confuse, but these rules give you quite independence to fit the intended logic like consecutive pairs

  2. Broke this so many times until i realised i two adjacent numbers on the line could be the same
    Even after that, it was quite a hard sudoku with a lot of great deductions,especially the break-in at the bottom row was very nice!
    Thank you so much Gaurav for these superb Practice sudokus!

  3. Broke at 28 minutes. Will try again after few days

  4. It feels such an achievement to complete this sudoku! I kept breaking it many times, but finally successfully solved it (3 days after GP!). Brilliant creation!

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